About Us

From a distance, the idea of a company out barefoot in the grass while kite flying in blue skies seems too whimsical to be on the sunny side of business as usual. Take a closer look at the time leading up to this spectacle, and you’ll see strategic thinking and creative invention all in an effort to first imagine the impossible and then get it off the ground.

When KITESTRING’s founders set out to create the company they have today, they were inspired by a parallel tale of Alexander Graham Bell’s Aerial Experimental Association. Over a century ago, this was a group of intelligent professionals who came together to essentially fly kites.  These serious faced intellectuals, kite flying on the lawn, shifted the way the world thinks about launching ideas into the air.

While they knew they’d be seen as a different kind of company, KITESTRING’s founders believed that if they structured it around passion, process, and a team of specialists, their brilliant work would take flight, confidently shaping the way our clients understand what is possible when it comes to strategic branding, integrated campaigns and digital engagement.