Chris will sing, are you listening?

At the Preece Home, sauce is sizzlin’

It’s a beautiful sight,

We’re happy tonight,

Cooking in a KITESTRING wonderland.


Gone away are the families,

Here to stay are the memories

A room filled with love,

We think the world of,

Cooking in a KITESTRING wonderland.


In the Kitchen we’re all making pasta,

While Heather makes sure her blondies are golden brown.

Pearl says: Are you ready?

Jenn says: No ma’am,


We love #HamOnt ... Forever

This month, Mr. Coffee released a coffee maker that can be controlled from your smartphone.  For the creatives, the coffee drinkers and the geeks at KITESTRING - this is amazing. Everyday, we see new examples of how the “Internet of Things” will play out in our lives but we rarely stop to think about how privileged we are to participate in these ever-changing digital spaces.


Unselling and the Importance of Community.

The first time I met Scott Stratten and Allison Kramer, the talented duo behind UnMarketing, was here at KITESTRING when they came by to drop off the first printed copies of their new book, Unselling.

I had only been working here a few weeks at this point, but from the minute they walked in the door I could see why everyone was always talking about them. Our hallways were instantly filled with laughter and excitement as Scott and Allison presented Chris with one of the first copies of Unselling, which proudly displayed his minimalist cover design.


KITESTRING Goes International

We’re excited to officially announce that we’ve won an International Davey Award!

The annual Davey awards honours the achievements of the “Creative Davids,” the small firms that build ‘big ideas’ with ‘little rocks.’ The awards are sanctioned and judged by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts, whose members include some of the biggest names in media, marketing, and advertising, like Disney, MTV, GE, Yahoo! and many more.


Found: Two Motivated Go-Getters | Wanted: Two Bottomless Coffee Mugs

It’s been an exciting couple of months here at KITESTRING. Chris received the National Arnold Edinborough Award, we finally announced we are moving to our new home in The Seedworks building, and now we get to officially announce the promotion of one of our favourite teammates, Holly Gibson, and the addition of our newest recruit, Will Jones.


Portraits of a Canadian Childhood

Portraits of a Canadian Childhood

Have you ever got a song stuck in your head? You don’t know where you heard it, but you can clearly hear every note and it plays behind your thoughts all day. 

Ideas sometimes bury themselves in my head the same way. Earlier last year, a little thought drifted by and wormed its way into my artistic soul. Maybe it was the comfort of the rustic cottage I was enjoying at the time but something had me thinking about childhood. 


$5000 Donation Recipients

National Arnold Edinborough Award from Business for the Arts

Have you heard the news!?  Chris, our VP of Creative, has been awarded the National Arnold Edinborough Award by Business for the Arts, Canada’s national charitable association of business members who support the arts. Joining him onstage will be the Hon. Hilary M. Weston, as the 2014 recipient of the Edmund C. Bovey Award and we couldn't be more proud.


Wanted: Junior Web Developer

Junior Web Developer

We are a Hamilton-based advertising agency looking for our next great teammate. You, as our junior web developer, are enthusiastic about user experience and visual design but even more important – you have the technical skills to bring your vision to life.

You are innately curious, have a burning thirst for knowledge and are excited to face the daily challenges that come with building amazing products.


Wanted: Team Player, Client's Best Friend and Detailed Taskmaster.

Account Coordinator Wanted

Account Coordinator

We're a different kind of company. KITESTRING believes in creating advertising with purpose; structured around passion, process, and a team of inter-disciplinary specialists. Now into its eighth year, KITESTRING continues to confidently shape the way our clients understand what is possible when it comes to strategic branding, integrated marketing campaigns, social engagement, user-centric websites and mobile apps.


Artist Spotlight: Ciara Phelan

Ciara Phelan is an illustrator and textile designer based out of East London, UK. Her mix of textile, digital and analog based media showcases something reminiscent of traditional collages, but with a modern twist. Paying specific attention to composition, texture and colour, Phelan is able to create eye-catching artwork that is used in advertising as well as her own personal illustrations.