Make Lemonade: A Short Story of Social Media

kitestring has been working on a little book that explains how to leave a positive brand impression using social media. We’d like you to be one of the first to read Make Lemonade: A Short Story of Social Media.

We love how simple narratives, like the children’s story book style we used for Make Lemonade, can explain business situations with subtlety and poignancy.

Want your own? Great! When you buy a Make Lemonade book, kitestring will use 100% of the proceeds to buy children's books for our local children's hospitals. Check back later to see how much we've raised together and then watch us deliver children's books to little readers at our local hospital.

Shipping Location
1.Canada (Shipping Included) $25.00
2.International Shipping (Outside of Canada Shipping Included) $35.00


Awesome!! Just bought it.

But wait, how does it get delivered? I don't recall entering an adress or anything...


Hey Bahiehk, I'm sending your book today!
I have your info. When you register a paypal account and order something, your info is sent to the vendor.

It's really well designed, I didn't believe it at one point since I almost live inside a computer, but these encouraging and fun books are needed to get some people comfortable with social media. I like your guys unique approach.

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